Rise of the Runelords

Chapter 1, Session 1
Burnt Offerings

The PCs arrive in Sandpoint, checking out and looking for adventure at the Swallowtail Festival. After a few welcoming speeches, all hell breaks loose and goblins attack the city. Although a few Sandpoint citizens do meet their untimely demise, the goblins are small in numbers and only turn out to be an annoyance, fleeing once their ranks are cut. When questioned, not much is gained, but a goblin does mention a human put them up to it. Goblins don’t normally do organized attacks in these parts, sticking to salvaging and generally staying away from town. The PCs help to thwart the goblin attack, and become local heroes.

After introductions are had, the 5 PCs decide to band together. Shortly after the party is formed, a scream and barking is heard from the north. The PCs run and save a nobleman and Varisian woman from attacking goblins and their Rat-dog, “Goblin Dog” (this is actually what the campaign calls them, I prefer Rat-dog). The Varisian woman is unfortunately ripped apart, but the nobleman is saved. He introduces himself as Aldern Foxglove, from Magnimar. Aldern thanks the party and wants to meet up with them later at The Rusty Dragon.

After checking out the town a bit, the PCs head to the Rusty Dragon. On the way, Devien is approached by a young woman named Shayliss, who has a rat problem back at her shop. She wants Devien, and only Devien to be her exterminator. He agrees to meet her the following morning.

At the Rusty Dragon, the PCs meet Ameiko Kaijitsu, the owner of the Tavern. Also, they meet back up with Aldern, who rewards them for their previous encounter and explains that he’d love to go on a boar hunt with them. The PCs agree to go the following morning.

Devien apparently “handles” Shayliss’s rat “problem” first thing in the morning.

After a hearty breakfast, the party sets off to Tickwood with Aldern for some boar hunting. On the way, the PCs find out more about Aldern’s noble life in Magnimar, but mostly he just drills them with questions on what it takes to be an adventurer. He takes a particular liking to Gebetto, for whatever reason. The party ends up tracking and killing a huge boar. Anarian decides to throw their noble friend to the wolves, figuratively, and lures a bear to attack the party, hoping to test Aldern’s mettle. And perhaps give him a taste of the adventure life. Aldern pisses himself, and the bear chases Anarian into the woods, giving the elf quite the sweet gash across his chest and rendering him unconscious. The party ends up stabilizing both Aldern and Anarian and head back into town.

Back at the cathedral, the PCs hire a young cleric named Nicholas to be their traveling healer.


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